Beyond Borders Scholarships in Germany 2023 | Submit Application

Beyond Borders Scholarships in Germany 2023 – There is no end to opportunities in Germany; you will have plenty of chances to make your future bright. This time we have also got a chance for all of you to make your future in Germany by applying for Beyond Borders Scholarships for the 2023-2024 session.

All international candidates are welcome to pursue their Ph.D. degree programs in Germany and reach their goals. It is a program that promotes research on borders and boundaries in both contemporary and historical contexts. You get a chance to study social sciences and humanities.

Suppose you are interested in working in a field of political, social, intellectual, and virtual borders. In that case, you must not let go of this opportunity as it tends to cultivate a sense of boundaries in our daily life and help you learn how to cope with the increasing diversities of cultures and how the world keeps changing concepts of the norms worldwide.

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Therefore, working with Borders will shape your way of living and change your perception of various terminologies. It is hosted by the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin. So, if you are interested, you must avail yourself of this opportunity, and for more details, you must read the whole article.

Beyond Borders Scholarships in Germany 2023 Details

  • Country: Germany
  • Host: ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin
  • Degree level: D.
  • Open to: All Nationalities
  • Deadline: March 2023.

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Beyond Borders Scholarships Benefits

The Beyond Borders scholarship has a lot to offer to its recipients; some of the benefits are as follows;

  • All students will receive at least 1400 Euros monthly for a Ph.D. or dissertation completion scholarship.
  • A start-up scholarship of 1200 Euros will also be given to the students.
  • Children, 18 years of age will receive a monthly child allowance of 400 Euros starting with the primary child and 100 euros/month for every additional child.
  • You will utilize the interaction between your advisory board and fellow students.
  • Students will also get to attend the annual conference organized by ZEIT-Stiftung.
  • All students will receive travel expenses.
  • All students will receive visa application expenses coverage.
  • All students will get the benefit of a rented apartment within Berlin.
  • As you must all know, public transportation in Berlin is free of cost, so this is also beneficial for international students to save some money.
  • You will also get to participate in a comprehensive training course led by experts in digital security.
  • The most exciting part of this scholarship program is that the recipients or students will receive constant appreciation from Reporters Without Borders (a global journalist and human rights organization).

List of Beyond Borders Scholarships

  1. Start-up Scholarship
  2. D. scholarship
  3. Dissertation Completion Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria

There are the following criteria that enable individuals to check out their eligibility for the Beyond Borders scholarship program, such as;

  • All international students are eligible for Beyond Borders Scholarship.
  • All students must be current students in Ph.D. degree programs.
  • The scholarship is available to university graduates within or outside ZIT-Stiftung Ebelin and Gerd Bucerius.
  • All students must enroll in a full-time study program.
  • Those candidates who want to apply for a start-up scholarship must finish their studies in one calendar year.
  • All students must show higher academic ability for the Ph.D. scholarship.
  • For start-up scholarships, you must obtain average results in academics.

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Required Documents:

  • CV
  • Copies of university degrees
  • Research proposal
  • Research plan
  • Two letters of recommendation from professors at universities

Note: You must read the guidelines regarding the required number of pages of research proposals.

How to Apply for Beyond Borders Scholarships?

The application process is online. We have attached the official website link of Beyond Borders below; check it out:

Beyond Borders Scholarships Official Link


Today we shared the details about the Beyond Borders Scholarships in Germany for international students; if you are looking for a scholarship program in Germany, take advantage of this opportunity.