Restaurant through my Page on Facebook – How can people order food from my restaurant through my Page on Facebook?

Restaurant through my Page on Facebook – This article is mainly for FB Pages with a restaurant associated with them. Secondly, it may not be made available to you at this time.

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If you use or Slice to receive orders, you can add a Start Order call-to-action button on your Facebook Page that will enable people to order food directly through your Page. When people click on the button, you’ll receive those orders through or Slice, and those orders will appear along with your restaurant’s other orders.

Note: and Slice are the only third-party delivery systems we support at this time. If you use or Slice and you don’t have an existing call-to-action button on your Page, the Start Order button will automatically be added to your Page.

When people click your Start Order button, your customers can:

1. Enter their delivery address,

2. Add or remove multiple items to their cart,

3. Check out,

4. And check their order status without having to leave Facebook.

If you need to, you can edit or delete your button at any time.

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Note: If your restaurant has an unmanaged Facebook Page with a Start Order button, you’ll certainly need to claim the Page to make any changes to the Page and edit the Start Order call-to-action button. Learn how to claim unmanaged Pages.

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